Dear SELNAS counselor,
My wife and I wanted to have a son. But how to do? Most of our friends and relatives were having girls and so we decided to explore the subject. It was the last months of 2001 when we found out that there is one system far ahead of the others and a trustable company behind it. 

The serious handling of things and documentation Babychoice provided were impressive but I must confess that I was most impressed by the mom-letters. There were thousands of them. All in hand writing and all expressing the same beautiful happiness with different words and styles. 

By the beginning of 2004 my wife and I have decided that we are ready for our baby and we got our own calendar. Favourable days at the end of March, beginning of April were coinciding with her ovulation days and my wife got immediately pregnant during these first set of tries.

During the 24th week of pregnancy the doctor gave the good news as it was a boy. Our beloved “Alp” has decided to arrive at his 34th week, 6 weeks earlier then expected and was born on the 12th of November. We have all suffered problems related to prematurity but everything is in order now. 

I love modern technology and new discovery of how nature chooses the gender, it blessed us with the gift of our son and it kept him alive. My wife and I feel great. I recommend BabyChoice to anyone out there without any reservations. 

Best regards, 
Devrim Ogun
December 2004