I had just about given up any hope of ever conceiving a girl. I stumbled across your site by sheer luck. After reading about how you could help, I had hope that I would have a baby girl. This would be my last attempt. After I ordered, the first “good” month to try was or lucky month. I told the doctor that she was a girl ,before he told me! The doctor looked at me and said are you sure? I said 110% And with a smile he said you are right! Alexis was born June 2,2006. All the boy’s are just over the moon about their baby sister. She can bring a smile to your face on your worse day. Thank you so very much.You have helped bring so much happiness to our family. I hope that you can help many more families in the future as you have our’s!
Forever grateful~ S. Leroux
Missouri, USA

Leroux Boys and Baby Sister :)