Hi SELNAS counselor

Basically I have always wanted 2 children, a girl and a boy to ‘balance’ the number of children….. but to my mind, my husband comes from a 3 generation background of 3 boys only – no girls, so he’s not exactly ‘hands-on’ or very emotional if you know what I mean. He was ‘put out’ to find our first born was a girl (but loves her just as much). So when it came around to wanting the next one, I was determined to have a boy. However, I don’t really believe the methods such as eating acidic/alkaline foods; or making love as close to ovulation as possible, etc. etc, are really very surefire methods – more like hit and miss! So I started looking on the internet for choosing the sex of your baby and luckily, I got your address. Once I’d read all the information, that was it.

I just knew that the Selnas method would be the most logical, most likely to ‘work’ – it makes perfect sense to me! And obviously, YOU are all sure of it’s success otherwise full refund wouldn’t be offered. So, once I got my calendar I just had to schedule my husbands work trips away and my ovulation (I used ovulation sticks to determine this) dates to optimise our chances – NO EASY TASK! In fact, that was the hardest part of the whole process – I have to admit there wasn’t much romance in the end as we got down to the very last days in November, when I could possibly conceive a boy!! I was determined to be pregnant by my 37th birthday (January) and it was wonderful to find out we’d been successful just before Christmas.

But in my opinion the year it took to get pregnant (purely because of those trips and tying in my ovulation with the calendar) – and the money paid were well worth it! I would NEVER have opted for anything non-natural such as IVF or things like that….. I was looking for the most natural method, with the highest success rate, not wanting to leave anything to chance. I know I don’t want any more than 2 children, I don’t want any after 37yrs because I want to concentrate on my building up my business.

To sum it all up, as far as a comment for your mothers point of vue : “If you are definitely sure you want a particular sex, for whatever reason, then this is the method I would definitely use – after all it’s success rate is higher than that of the contraceptive pill, and many, many women think of that as being 100!! It’s natural, easy to follow and offers a full refund, no questions asked if you aren’t successful – what ‘products’ these days offer that?” Definitely the right choice! I’m over the moon, I’ve got my perfect family”

Dear SELNAS counselor,

Basically I decided to choose your method because it’s natural and that’s what was most important to me. I’ve always wanted a girl and boy and felt that with my husband not being too ’emotional’ (like most men!) would find more ‘harmony’ or balance in our family with one fo each sex. I am quite sure that if the first had been a boy, he would not have been so willing to have another child!

I didn’t know how to go about ‘getting a boy’ and didn’t really want to ‘chance’ the other methods I’d heard about (such as eating acidic/alkali foods; relying on ovulation sticks; etc.) So I was on the internet researching one day and came across your company. Once I’d read the brochure and your guarantee I knew this was for me (most of my friends thought I was crackers by the way, they don’t understand the logic). I just found your explanation of why the Selnas method works very plausible and logical and much more of a certainty than any other methods I’d read about.

To tell the truth they all seemed very much hit and miss. So, I got your calendar, found it difficult to synchronise my husbands’ travel with my own and my ovulation, but finally we managed! It was very easy to understand, then follow the program and instructions and I felt I made it more of a ‘guarantee’ by using the ovulation sticks and making sure we not only made love during the ‘boy dates’ but also that I ovulated at that time!! I did have to adjust my cycle as you well know (I emailed you at the time), but it was not difficult!

Certainly the whole process was very worthwhile and I have recommended (indeed passed out photocopies) of the Selnas method to various people who have asked!!

To me the Selnas calendar is the best way of guaranteeing the sex of the child without resorting to unnatural methods such as IVF – these just come into consideration for me.

Hope you can use this for your comments… definitely I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to choose the sex of their baby – indeed, I have recommended it!.

September 2003